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Viasat is a proven leader in Remote Site Communications and telecoms solutions.

With over 1,200 onshore and offshore sites deployed around the globe, Viasat is the world's leading provider of secure communications networking solutions for remote exploration & drilling.

Remote Site Communications

  • Proven Leader for Remote Site Communications
  • Fast, Reliable Coverage. Wherever You Need It.
  • Real-Time Analytics from Distributed Assets
  • Unmatched Security for Global Locations
  • Bandwidth-Optimized OTT Solutions
  • World-Class Systems Integration Services

  • Turn Midstream Assets Into Actionable Insights.
  • Best Network Performance. Regardless of Location.
  • Flexible to Meet Any Budget.
  • Premium, End-to-End Managed Services.
  • Seamless, Remote Asset Monitoring & Management.
  • Unmatched Security for Remote Sites.
  • Activate Intelligent Operational Analytics.
  • Industry-Leading Systems Integration Services.

  • Best-In-Class Systems Integration Services.
  • Cybersecurity Protection for Network and Data Security.
  • IIoT-based Asset Tracking And Intelligence.
  • Specialized, Unmatched, Technical Support.
  • Specialized Apps and Services For Safety and Security.


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