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DE110 Compact Core Drill Rig

DE110 Compact Core Drill Rig

Item Code: DE110 Compact Core Drill Rig

DE110 is the most compact member of our DE100 series. Designed as a portable drill for 46 mm (1 ¾ in) or A-size exploration, grade control and grout-hole drilling. DE110 is also well-suited for rock or concrete sampling with a maximum hole size of 116 mm (4 ½ in) to depths of 30 m (100 ft). This drill will deliver you equally reliable results in both surface and underground applications.


  • DE110 is a truly lightweight drill with a rig weight of only 297 kg (655 lb) including feed boom, rod, holder, rotation unit and mounting frame
  • DE110 was designed to ensure quick and easy setup at your site
  • Accessible for quick servicing
  • Torque and rpm can be adjusted to suit rock formation

Technical Data

  • Depth capacity* (A) 230 m (755 ft)
  • Rotation unit (hollow spindle - ID) 51 mm (2 in)
  • Maximum torque 170 Nm (125 lbf/ft)
  • Maximum rpm 1,700 rpm
  • Feed force 16.8 kN / 1.7 t (3,770 lbf)
  • Pull force 10.7 kN / 1.1 t (2,400 lbf)
  • Feed length (stroke 800 mm (31.5 in)
  • Power unit - electric 15 kW (20 hp)
  • Power unit - diesel  27 kW (37 hp)
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