Geotechnical Products

Drillman has forged a strong reputation for its custom built Geo-technical drilling rigs, whether vehicle, track or skid mounted, our drilling equipment are built to the highest engineered standards.


For the past 8 years we have been at the forefront of drill rig design by incorporating innovative hydraulic and mechanical systems that are designed to serve a specific purpose, to meet the customer requirements by operating safely and efficiently and to work in Australian conditions.


Our rigs are designed and engineered inhouse and constructed using quality componentry from recognised industry suppliers. As a result, the GT Series of Geotechnical Drilling rigs have become proven geotechnical contractors rig of choice.


The GT Series starts with GT10, GT10 TA (Tight Access) and steps up to the GT20, GT30 with additional drilling capacity and access to narrow spaces. The next step up from the GT-30 is where our engineering team custom designs to your exact drilling specifications.



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