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Rod Spinner

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The DRILLMAN DrillSPIN is a hard wearing and reliable Rod Spinner with one of the widest ranges in the drilling industry, able to take from 2" up to 6 5/8" Rod or Casing using the same set of jaws. Not only does this provide efficiency in the field, it can be retrofitted to most rigs and is fully interchangeable with other older designs enabling savings to the rig operations.


  • Capable Of Accepting 2" - 6 5/8" Rod / Casing
  • The 3 Jaw design is self centering
  • The unit is mounted on a fully floating support arm, which ensures that no weight is placed on the threads thus reducing premature wear
  • Swings out of the way when not in use
  • Spring mount arm is interchangeable (dependant on orientation)
  • Quality hydraulic components used throughout
  • Hoses "bulk headed" to the spinner body for ease of hose replacement
  • Solid 4mm Steel Construction Including Locator Funnel
  • Replaceable carbide inserts, easily maintained.



  • Reduces injury caused by operator and helper fatigue
  • Provides a consistent pre-torqued joint for every joint in the drill string, increasing drill rod thread life
  • Eliminates Carpal Tunnel Syndrome RSI injury caused by screwing of rods manually
  • Increases productivity and morale by keeping the drill crew fresh to undertake other tasks
  • Reduces the use of Stillsons and hand tools that are acknowledged as consistent cause of injury
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